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This is unnecessarily dramatic.


Here are the wedding invites I designed for my sister Kennedy and her fiance Benjamin. I’ll try to describe the process as I post the pictures.

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Cali Pics

By Carol

Heres Neela and her cousin B “sleeping” in the pool. Sounds dangourous, although they proved to be seasoned professionals. check out the other pics….. Read the Rest »

This is my Daddy

Elliott drew a picture of me for Father’s Day. My favorite part: the arms of my glasses going behind my ears. Brilliant!

Elliott Hates His Bangs

Elliott has a love/hate relationship with his bangs. Actually, it’s more of a hate/hate relationship. He finally decided to take matters into his own hands. At some point during the day today, he cut over half his bangs.

We were wondering which one would be the first to do this. We’re just glad it wasn’t Neela with electric clippers.

Game Time

By Ethan

It’s been way too long since I made one of these…


By Carol

Sorry, theres no pictures. But its still good, its still good…..

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We spent the day working in the yard. We got a ton of great videos and pictures. Here’s just a taste:

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