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    IT'S ME

    hope he doesn’t punch through the drumset while looking for whats hidden inside! ;)

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(never, ever shared with anyone)

Here is my project list for Elliott’s homemade Christmas…. ( a few items are duplicates from N’s list)

A super hero cape

Chalk Mat (although at only $10 each – I will just buy one)

Cool Hat

I love this flannel board book on the go

I love these – the artist really knows how to make em. They look so well done! I wish I had the money to just pay him/her for that big set in her item list.

Guitar from Feb28 on Vimeo.
I am also planning on making him a guitar strap, but couldnt find any pics of anything like whats in my mind. I will add a small supply of guitar picks with it.

And last but not least…. I want to make him a drum kit considering how expensive and wasteful real kits are for little kids.