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    is extremly jealous…naw! Lol! I’m sorry you were sick…I have ANOTHER summer cold crepping up on me. And yes another give away would help my ego-especially if I win…hehehe!

    side note*-John will be gone for 2 whole weeks at the beginning of August…so a visit?

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    Tatiana Fox

    YAY!! I totally saw my name and said “Kyle, I won!!!” And then I read the rest of the post. To quote Kyle “you said ooo…OOOO…I WON!!”, and he thought we had won like $50,000 or something!! I sure feel like it! And to think I was coming on to tell you the good news, that we just decided to go to Portland tomorrow! Yippee! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I’m going to have a grin on my face the rest of the day!

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    Tatiana Fox

    In my giddy-ness, I forgot to tell you she wears 3T. Thanks so much!

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Sorry it took so long… We’ve had a few things goin on. I was sick, E traded in the the Vespa and its HOT which makes me as productive as a slug moving across a layer of salt. (ewwww… I just grossed myself out.) Well, without the frothing. Or the dieing. But anyway, without further-a-do, a winner has been chosen …….drum-roll please….

TATIANA’S THE WIENER!! I mean winner. E chose comment #4 at random. (A number out of a hat kind of production) Doesn’t winning something make you feel like a million bucks? I have won 2 things in the last 4 years since I started following crafty blogs. One was a pair of shoes for N, and the other was a magazine. Both times I think I squealed out loud, threw my hands in the air and said, (much to loudly) “I WON!!” Now, Tatiana, I don’t know if this winning moment will play out just the same, but I do hope it makes you feel good. And makes Kins look even more adorable than usual. (does she have any hair yet??) Please email me (Look in the drop down menu at the top of the site) with the size she wears or leave a comment here.

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