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    You rock! You can do it!

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    thanks Kennedy! can you multiply yourself so i have a crows of Kennedy’s chearing for me? That would be awesome!!

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    Go Carol, go Carol, go!! If anyone can do it, you can. You are in my thoughts.

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    Leah E.

    Ra Ra Ra! Sorry I was never an actually cheerleader so that’s the best I’ve got, but you’ve got my best 100%. GO CARE-CULL! (an attempt to spell out Ben’s pronunciation)

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    thanks ladies!

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(never, ever shared with anyone)

Sorry, theres no pictures. But its still good, its still good…..

Guys…. We have missed you. We have missed having a connection with our family and friends outside of social network sites which sell their soul and try to sell yours too. We started this site to share new information of what is going on with our little family and we have totally misplaced the importance of keeping this flog (Im coining that one – Family+Blog. WOOT WOOT) updated. Sorry about that. In addition to my apologies, and my promise to be better at this, I dont even have a picture to add to this post! **sigh** I know – your pretty disapointed with me, huh. I guess I’ll be thinking about that this week as I am on in-between-terms break and snapping any pictures or video I can to share ASAP.

Did you hear that? Ill say it again…. “in between terms” yeah thats right, i just finished my first year of college. (although my spelling and grammer would say otherwise) AND im goin back for more. Summer schedule all lined up. I need one more ASL (American Sign Language) class before I can interview for one of 25 available spots to get into the interpreting program at my college. There are 2 more rounds of people needing interviews includeing myself, and already 107 people have interviewed. YIKES! Please send your good thoughts my way. I need all the educated cheerleaders I can get. Ya know – the ones who wear jeans and have glasses, and instead of showing off their newly brace-free teeth and shaking pom poms, they are preaching about how important getting an education is, and we can only go as far as we let ourselves, and “ONE STEP AT A TIME!”. (Lemme know if i need to feed you anymore lines- but please do get creative.) And to top it off??? Out of those 25 excepted students, only about 3-5 actually graduate at the end of their 2 years. Others take longer, or drop out. I am soooooooo excited about the idea of being in this program. I LOVE ASL!! I want to be the best signer I can and getting into this program is a big step in that direction. Ethan cheers me on constantly, “Stop saying ‘IF I get in’ start saying ‘when I make the top 5…’ dont lower your goals because you lack confidence” Hes right. Again.

I have a hard time asking for help with a lot of stuff. Especially support. But I come to ya’all now and say – “Will you be my cheerleader?”