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Yes, 6 years is traditionally the “candy anniversary.” So we celebrated with chocolate from Cacao and cupcakes from St. Cupcake. We decided to enjoy the cupcakes together. At the same time. Now you can enjoy us enjoying our cupcakes.

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It was my cousin Josh who taught me my first genuinely dirty joke. And my second.

I couldn’t have been older than 11. A bunch of us cousins were outside at night during some Cribbage Tournament. It was late, the babies had already gone to sleep, and the adults were still playing cards (and were otherwise distracted), so we had the freedom to say pretty much anything we wanted. We cracked ourselves up telling crude stories and terrible jokes. Josh was a true teenager by this time, so he was mischievous, rebellious, vulgar, and hilarious. When he unloaded with his best (and worst), we all laughed until we were in pain. He was our shepherd into the dark and wondrous world of adult humor and we worshiped him like a god.

Joshua Robert Smith

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In what’s become a yearly tradition, the Smith family presents another fun year of pumpkining. We’re joined this year by Chynna and Darian. Both Elliott and Neela drew their own faces this year, and Elliott even helped carve. Carol and I had some quiet time after the kids went to bed. It was almost like a date, only with a lot more slimy seeds, big teeth, and owl pumpkins.

The music this time is by Menomena, Passion Pit, and Grizzly Bear (links go to the iTunes store).

UPDATE: I increased the quality of the video fairly dramatically. SHould look better and load faster now. If it’s still loading too slowly, you can turn off HD.

Hey all,

Kennedy here. I was just noticing that there haven’t been many posts here for a while. I can’t blame Ethan or Carol — they’re extremely busy with school and house hunting and all.

But I CAN blame Elliott, Neela and Roli. Come on, guys. Get it together.

As for me, I’ve written one post. That was a long time ago. I still look like that only with short hair.

Anyway, I thought I’d share an important thing that happened today.

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Carol’s brother Andrew is here through Saturday and we all have VIP passes to MusicfestNW. No lines, no waiting, and no being turned away. That means that we can (and plan to) hit three different venues in a single night. Here’s the plan:

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By Ethan

I spent Saturday in the park with all three kids. They are in love with the slides. Our new camera films in HD, so if it takes too long to load, you can turn HD off. If you leave it on, though, it will look great at full screen. And mom, you can click here to download a version for your new iPod.

I have stretched my lobes again, and I am having so much fun with this concept. Only because of the beautiful things I find to stick in the holes. Read the Rest »


Our baby girl turned 3 yesterday. When I start to get sad at how time is speeding up to a sprint, instead of a jog, I go into her as she is “Sleeping”… Read the Rest »

carol dark
Theres a phrase in the twittering community “Re-Tweet” or “RT”. Its where you liked something someone else updated their twitter status with so much, that you wanted to share it too. When you see it it looks like this: RT@NotBrit “I love sushi”. Why am I telling you this? Read the Rest »